Monday, July 19, 2010

Free ACEP teleclass: The Soul Orientation Process with Judith Swack

Please join me this Wednesday July 21st at 9am Pacific/Noon EST for a free teleclass with Judith Swack, creator of Healing From The Body Level Up (HBLU).

Judith will be speaking on The Soul Orientation Process: How to Navigate in the Dualistic Universe

To join us on the call, simply dial (712)432-3900 and enter the ID number 668058#

The call will be being recorded. If you are an ACEP member (The Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology)you can later access the call recording through the ACEP members' teleclass library.

Refreshing the Blog!

It's been ages since I used my blog but I've decided to get back into it.

So much has been happening since I last posted. I've presented Zensight at ACEP conferences in Orlando and San Diego.

I have joined the board of directors of ACEP Canada.

I've presented 3 day workshops in Montauban, France, and Brussels, Belgium through French translators.

And, I am scheduled to return for 3 day workshops (again through translators) in Brussels in November, and Paris in December.

It's really such an exciting time with so much going on! I'm glad to be back into the swing of sharing what I'm up to.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Zensight Is Going to ACEP!

I recently learned that I have been accepted as a presenter at the spring 2009 Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) Conference.

I feel very excited to have this opportunity! ACEP is a wonderful organization that helps to promote the use of energy psychology techniques, as well as advancing research and addressing ethical concerns when practicing energy psychology techniques.

To learn more about ACEP, please visit

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Quitting Smoking with Zensight

I recently had the pleasure of working with someone who wanted to quit smoking.

He had been approximately a pack a day smoker for a few decades, and had initially come to see me in relation to another personal concern. When that concern resolved mostly in the first session and then completely in the second session, he was pretty surprised (having come to me looking for "therapy" and not expecting or familiar with energy psychology approaches) and asked me if I thought I could help him to quit smoking.

I said I was game to try! Haven't recently interviewed John Diepold during the monthly ACEP teleclass, I had learned more about applying EP to addictions and was excited for a chance to help someone with smoking cessation.

If you have not heard about John Diepold previously, he is the creator of the Touch and Breathe (TAB) approach to tapping modalities such as EFT. This is the method I prefer to use myself when I tap (yes, sometimes I still use EFT for myself or with clients - it all depends on what feels right in the moment!) as I find it more restful and contemplative, and often insights are gained in a way that I find is not always the case with "tapping"....though is typical with Zensight. :)

John said that often when treating addictions - which includes any behaviour that someone wants to stop or change such as overeating, working too much, etc... - that it is often helpful rather than (or in addition to) processing away their upset, to target the enjoyment they get from the behaviour until it no longer feels enjoyable to them.

With my client this is exactly what I did. We focused on processing away the enjoyment he got from smoking, as well as processing a number of related concerns that were specific to his situation, and some that are typical of most people who smoke or have similar addictions.

I am happy to say that he is now a non smoker!

Best of all, we worked on the smoking for a grand total of two sessions!

After our first session targetting smoking cessation, there was a three week gap when we next met. At that time he told me he was down to three cigarrettes a day (this from a pack a day....), and he had had NO difficulty or discomfort in cutting back.

We did the second session, noticing the odd slight cravings he was having and any other relation concerns or perceived enjoyment of smoking and processed that. He noted that while it hadn't been difficult to cut back he was perceiving each cigarrette he had to be a "reward" for having done so well.

He told me that while he was still, according to his own self developed plan still "allowed" to have one more cigarette that day, he felt he could now skip it, and that he was going to cut back to just two cigarettes the following day and "by Saturday" (we were meeting on a Monday) he was going to be smoke free.

He felt so confident and at peace with all of it and such a sense of excitement that he did not feel he needed to book another appointment as quitting smoking was just feeling so easy that he didn't think he needed any more help with it.

I asked him to keep in touch and let me know how it went and I have heard from him a few times now, saying that he is fully smoke free, he feels great, and he can NOT imagine every going back to smoking, there is just nothing he misses about it and his lungs and breathing just feel more and more clear every day.

While individual responses may certainly vary, This is the power of energy help smooth out the bumps; the mental, emotional and spiritual blocks; and to allow making healthier choices to become easier, faster, and...almost effortless!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Answering Biofeedback Questions

I have received an overwhelming amount of interest in biofeedback!

I have not yet had the chance to add a biofeedback page to my websites, so for now am posting answers to some of the questions I am getting, here.

The fee for sessions, whether biofeedback, Zensight, or a combination of the two is $100 Cdn for a one hour session. When three hours are purchased at once, the fee is $285.

If you wish to combine Zensight with biofeedback, I recommend a 90 min session for the first session. If you are someone who has already been working with me and we already know each other and you simply wish to add biofeedback into existing sessions, this is likely not necessary.

And yes! The biofeedback system also works to correct the imbalances and concerns it identifies.

Within minutes of having my system set up, I treated my dog Maggie for her aggressive barking when people come to - or near! - the house.

About 20 mins later, the test of all tests occurred...the garbage truck arrived!

My husband and I actually peaked around the corner, watching the dog as the garbage truck arrived. Complete with deafening noise and not one but three people coming near and onto our property, this is one of Maggie's most hated events.

Maggie was lying on the couch. She lifted her head and looked out the window....normally at this point she would have catapulted herself off the couch and launched herself against the bay window, barking incessantly.

Instead, she looked up with mild interest...then put her head back down, apparently completely unconcerned!

During biofeedback sessions, I have the system send balancing frequencies to the client during the session. I also, at the end of the day when I am done using the computer for the day, set the system to again send frequencies to all of the people I treated on it that day. It works while I am asleep!

I then usually will repeat sending clients the frequencies again, on a daily basis for a few days following their session.

If you have more questions please contact me.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Inergetix-Core Biofeedback

I am now up and running with my new Inergetix-Core biofeedback system.

So far my experiences with the system have been amazing. I am constantly surprised by the level of detail that the system identifies concerns.

I recently treated an infant in Australia who had just come down with pertussis. During her treatment the machine kept identifying "musculoskeletal system" and giving the message "my back is hurting".

Given that I was treating a 7 month old for pertussis, these messages were a little confusing for me.

When I emailed the little girl's Dad however, he confirmed that the baby had fallen off their bed the day before, and did indeed appear to have hurt her back.

It also kept indicating "my ear hurts" and suggesting she had an ear infection. Again, her father confirmed this saying that they strongly suspected an ear infection but had not had this checked yet.

Later, I was treating my son after he started throwing up, with what appears to have been a stomach virus. When I immediately ran a scan on him, the messages "I can taste acid in my mouth", "my stomach hurts", and "my belly is swollen" came up.

It even informed me that my son has a loose tooth, which he showed me when I asked about it!

While he remained mildly sick for a day, throwing up once more, he did not get nearly as sick as he normally does with a stomach virus and remained happy and animated during the illness.

For my daughter, a treatment on her indicated "I have a rash on my elbow" and when I checked, sure enough she did! It also stated "I frequently have rashes on my abdomen" which she also confirmed.

Then during a Zensight phone session - during while I simultaneously ran the biofeedback system for a client regarding her relationship concerns - the system repeatedly identified financial concerns in connection with the relationship, specifically identifying in various ways that she needed to decide and put limits upon how much money she was willing to redirect to her partner, given that he was not working.

She had not mentioned to me that he was not working, or that there were financial issues of any kind in the relationship, but when I asked her about this, she confirmed that yes this was the case and it was of concern to her.

What is truly wonderful about working this way is that it can help me to zero in on treating - with Zensight, with biofeedback, or with both simultaneously - the issues for the client that are most pressing, whether the client has been consciously aware of them or not, or whether or not they have thought to mention them to me!

I am looking forward to many more adventures with my new system!

If you are interested in experiencing a biofeedback session yourself - or a session that combines Zensight with biofeedback, or if you are interested in purchasing a system yourself - please email me

Please note that biofeedback session can be done distantly - an office visit is not required. All that I need to do a treatment for you is your name, date of birth, location of birth and/or a digital photo.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Coming soon...biofeedback!

I will soon be adding new tool to my holistic psychotherapy practice - biofeedback!

I first became interested in this after a friend told me about how much she had been helped by biofeedback sessions she had experienced.

I had a session myself, and was amazed. The machine was able to identify some pretty specific events in my life - including that I had been born as a result of placental abruption - as well as various physical, emotional, and energetic issues that were out of balance.

The practitioner than had the machine run frequencies to me in order to balance those things that I needed assistance with.

I really felt great afterwards and was so impressed by the experience that I started researching various biofeedback systems.

The system that I purchased is one that I can use creatively in any way that I like...including by programming it with Zensight healing statements so that the system can identify which statements the client will most benefit from and then send the energetic vibrations of those statements, to the client.

Please watch for coming announcements about this - I expect to receive the system (which is being shipped to me from the US) in the next week or so and will be trying it out on friends and family as well as myself, in order to gain proficiency with it and then will be offering it to clients as well.

I am really excited about it, waiting for the system to arrive is kind of like waiting for Christmas morning for me!