Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Amazing Synchronicities in Everyday Life

Last November I began volunteering with the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP). I help to coordinate their monthly teleconference calls with various movers and shakers in the energy psychology field. These teleconference calls are free to ACEP members and are recorded and kept as part of the ACEP members library. For more information about ACEP, please visit the ACEP website.

One of the first people I contacted to see if he would like to be the speaker on one of the ACEP calls was Dr. Daniel Benor, who is the creator of WHEE - which combines aspects of EFT together with EMDR. Daniel is going to be the speaker for February's teleclass. You can learn more about Daniel and WHEE at his website.

I am particularly interested in learning more about WHEE as I believe Zensight and WHEE likely share some similarities.

A few days ago, Daniel emailed me asking if I would be interested in writing an article for the International Journal of Healing and Caring. I noticed, to my surprise, that his autosignature indicated he was located in Guelph, ON which is about half an hour away from me. This was very surprising information as I had been under the impression he was located in the United States.

Yesterday I replied to his email and said that I would be happy to submit an article. I mentioned in passing that I was surprised to see he was located in Guelph and let him know that I was in Milton.

Daniel promptely emailed back and said that he was even more surprised, as at that very moment he was sitting in Milton, and mentioned the intersection he was located at.

It took a few seconds for me to absorb that information. When I did, I phoned him immediately.

It turns out that not only have Daniel and I - creators of quite similar energy healing modalities - unbeknownst to each other, been seeing clients in the same town, our offices are even located in the same building, right across the hall from each other.

Apparently Daniel was living in New Jersey when we first started communicating, but moved to Canada last month.

I think that we were equally floored by the synchronicity involved in this, especially as Milton is a relatively small community that has few therapists and to my knowledge there are only 3 of us, including Daniel and myself, who practice alternative modalities of any kind.

Yes, it confirms to me yet again, that the Universe does have a sense of humour!

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Power of Manifesting...a Parking Ticket!

I often work with people to help them to manifest what it is that they would like to have more of in their life. In fact, one of the downloadable Zensight audio files - Manifesting Your Dreams with Zensight - that I have on my website is on exactly this topic.

If you have watched the movie The Secret - which is going to be featured on Oprah later this month - you will be familiar with this topic.

The Universe is quite neutral and simply responds to what it is that we focus upon, and put our energies into.

If we focus on the things that go wrong, and the things we don't want to have in our lives, we tend to attract more of that.

If we focus on positive experiences and expectations, we tend to attract more of those.

This is particularly the case when what we focus upon is accompanied by a strong emotional charge, whether that emotions are of intense happiness and excitment, or feelings of intense upset, sadness or despair.

Recently I began consulting with a practitioner whose office is at a busy Toronto location. At the first appointment I noticed there was little in the way of parking - only one hour parking seemed to be available. I drove around and managed to find a street at which there was construction nearby, and all of the signs listing "one hour parking only" had been covered with black plastic.

It seemed clear that it was okay to park there, at least while the construction was ongoing. Several other cars were parked there and I parked by car and stayed there for well over an hour, with no problem.

Prior to the next appointment I kept wondering and worrying about the parking issue. I went online and tried to find alternate places to park, as the service I was receiving was quite valuable and I wished to be able to go on an ongoing basis, but did not want to risk getting parking tickets.

I spent a few hours worrying about this one evening, and managed to figure out a variety of possible parking options in case the other spot was not available at the next appointment.

Even the day of the appointment I remained concerned. When I go to the area, however, I saw that the same street still had all of its signs covered with black plastic and numerous cars were parked there, with no apparent problem.

I parked my car, and went to my appointment.

When I returned I was startled, and at first dismayed to find a parking ticket on my car!

Completely confusing to me was that none of the other cars, parked on the same street, had a parking ticket. The reason cited on the ticket was that I had parked in violation of the signed restrictions - when all of the signs were in fact covered up.

At first I was angry and upset, though by the time I was halfway home from the appointment I had started to laugh, thinking how I had somehow managed to attract to myself and myself only, a parking ticket, based upon the amount of fear and energy I had put in that direction.

I then busied myself with focusing my energies upon reaching an understanding and sympathetic person at the parking municipality office, to help me to have the ticket dropped, as the signs had been covered up. If I had the time and energy I could have returned to the spot and taken photographs of the parking signs and street, and requested a court date, but for a $30 ticket it was not worth the return trip to Toronto (I had no camera with me), or the time involved with going to court.

When I got home I called the office in charge of parking violations and explained the situation. The woman on the other end of the phone was very sympathetic and quite baffled as to how or why this would have occurred and asked me to fax her the information so that they could investigate the situation.

I have not yet heard anything back but am confident the issue will be resolved without my having to pay the penalty, or go to court. And, if this does not occur, $30 is a very small price to pay for such a valuable lesson!

So please be careful where you place your energies and what you attract to yourself! If you find yourself focused upon the negative or on the things that have gone wrong in your life, or are afraid will go wrong, please know that you can use Zensight to help to quickly and gently process the upset that you may experience in your life so that you have the mental and emotional energies to focus upon all of the good that is around you - or is about to be around you!

You can also use Zensight to simply, even in the absence of upset, focus upon picturing yourself having, doing and experiencing all that it is that you would like to have in your life, and use you healing symbol to strengthen and deepen this.

I find that when I do so, I end up walking around feeling happy and blissful, even when doing boring mundane tasks (like housework...), and life is just soooo good.