Monday, March 05, 2007

Visiting Tikal - Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

While on our trip to Belize, Kevin and I took a 2 day trip over to Guatemala to visit Tikal.

It was truly amazing, seeing the ancient ruins. Our guide explained that only about 20% of the ruins are now visible, after having been dug out from under the jungle that had grown over it.

If you looked for it, in places you could see in the jungle floor, areas with rows of parallel horizontal lines, indicated staircases that were still covered.

We climbed enormous structures - they were incredibly high, with very narrow, very steep steps.

I had never been aware of having a fear of heights before. However....

We had arranged to view the sunset from the top of one of the monuments. A guide brought us there. As we had been running slightly behind schedule, we climbed the monument extremely quickly.

Only once I was finally up at the top did I look down and realize I was completely terrified!

I am not sure that I have ever felt so frozen in fear before. Kevin suggested that I move to the flat surface, away from the edge, rather than on the top step, but I was completely unable to move. Now I know why they say "don't look down".

I did manage to get some photos of the sunset - and of the steps we had climbed up.

I can say that focusing upon my Zensight healing symbol - as well as Kevin's support - was essential in dissolving enough fear that I was able to come down again, without throwing up or passing out.