Monday, September 03, 2007

The Genie In Your Genes

Have you checked out Dawson Church's new book The Genie In Your Genes yet? If not, you really want to, if you have any interest at all in energy healing work and understanding how and why it works.

It is amazing! I am about halfway through it and am absolutely loving it.

I am going to be interviewing Dawson Church later this week (September 6th) for an ACEP teleconference call, and can not wait.

This morning I read where Dawson describes an experiment that was done with a self propelled robot (a “tychoscope”) that contained a random number generator. When put into a room, the robot moved around the room in an arbitrary, random pattern, and random angles and for random distances.

The test was then repeated, one time with a room with an empty cage at one end, and the next time in the same room but with a cage of chicks at one end. The chicks had been trained to related to the tychoscope as if it were their mother hen.

In the presence of the chicks this robot’s movements were no longer random – it approached the cage two and a half time more often than it would the empty cage.

What is especially interesting in looking at the pictures that show the robot’s movement is not only did the robot approach the cage of chicks 2.5 times more often than it did the empty cage, but it did not enter the opposite side of the room AT ALL, whereas in the room with the empty cage it appears that it spent equally time/had equal movements on both sides of the room.

If baby chicks can do it anyone can!

Of course we all have known someone who has tried to use their intention and does not seem able to manifest what they want/need. Also in The Genie in Your Genes it talks about studies that showed that the use of intention alone was not nearly as powerful as the use of intention with an energy of love behind it.

I’m betting those chicks felt a feeling of love towards their “mom” even if she was a robot.


Carol Ann