Monday, November 12, 2007

Coming soon...biofeedback!

I will soon be adding new tool to my holistic psychotherapy practice - biofeedback!

I first became interested in this after a friend told me about how much she had been helped by biofeedback sessions she had experienced.

I had a session myself, and was amazed. The machine was able to identify some pretty specific events in my life - including that I had been born as a result of placental abruption - as well as various physical, emotional, and energetic issues that were out of balance.

The practitioner than had the machine run frequencies to me in order to balance those things that I needed assistance with.

I really felt great afterwards and was so impressed by the experience that I started researching various biofeedback systems.

The system that I purchased is one that I can use creatively in any way that I like...including by programming it with Zensight healing statements so that the system can identify which statements the client will most benefit from and then send the energetic vibrations of those statements, to the client.

Please watch for coming announcements about this - I expect to receive the system (which is being shipped to me from the US) in the next week or so and will be trying it out on friends and family as well as myself, in order to gain proficiency with it and then will be offering it to clients as well.

I am really excited about it, waiting for the system to arrive is kind of like waiting for Christmas morning for me!


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bitchgirl said...

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